My Husband Has a Small Dick and Wants to Become a Cuckold

Husband has a small dickNow this may sound weird but my husband has a small dick and wants to become a cuckold. When he told me about this I almost peed my pants because I would have never guessed it.

I always knew he has a small dick but I figured I could settle and deal with it (with the help of numerous sex toys and private time whenever he is gone). Needless to say I made due without sexual pleasure besides oral sex for many years before he told me that his small dick should be humiliated and I deserve to be able to sleep with men with big dicks.

How shocking as you might imagine! He has always been insecure about his small bit of dick and would never admit how small it was till now. So now we are talking about me finding lovers and I’m already opening up to making fun of his small dick because it’s so easy to — yet I feel bad sometimes. Should we move forward with this or stop before it’s too late?

Your Husband Has a Small Dick and is Ready for Cuckolding

Looks like you have a prime opportunity on your hands. Your husband has a small dick which is a major factor in this even though not all guys into cuckolding or sharing their wives have this problem he evidently does. The upside is that he told you about this without you complaining or making fun of his lack of cock. So that means he is really wanting this.

If he jumped right from talking to actually wanting you to find a well hung man to sexually satisfy you than odds are he is dying for this to happen and most likely truly does realize his inability to sexually satisfy you. Many men and some women claim size doesn’t matter but we all know it really does. Just tread slowly as you progress forward, keep playing into it at home and test the waters. After all in a situation like this you have everything to gain and nothing to lose so long as he really wants to move forward with it.