About Us

You may remember us from the days we were the incredibly popular cuckold lifestyle blog on the Blogger network but we unfortunately had to close down to changes in their terms of service.

After a a few months hiatus we decided to regroup and get our website up and running like never before. We know so many of you loved the site and there was no way we were going to let the community down. So here we are!

Cuckolds Life is Back!

Cuckolds Life strives to be the best and most entertaining cuckolding focused site on the web. We will constantly be adding new content, articles and features as we grow as a community. So feel free to send over any comments or suggestions for consideration on future additions.

Now quit reading this and go get in on the fun with the rest of the cuckolds, hot wives and hot content you’ll find on our site. Welcome to or for many of you, welcome back to Cuckolds Life.

- Hot Wifey